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Every so often the powers that be give word that white cabinets are soon going to be past tense.  A world without our favorite white cabinets? Say it isn’t so! But these gloomly prognostications are proven wrong every time.  White is here to stay! One of the best ways to do white is with Shaker cabinets.  Why?

White Shaker cabinets are a classic.

They are like every woman’s little black dress—it never goes out of style and can be paired with anything.  You can dress it up or down.  White Shaker style cabinets can be elegant when paired with something like granite, nickel hardware and matching faucets or casual with soapstone or quartz countertops, a farm sink, and bronze hardware.  It can also be sleek and clean with white countertops and lots of chrome.  You might say they are all things to all kitchens.

White cabinets brighten, Shaker makes them inviting

White cabinets can actually make your kitchen appear larger and brighter.  They are somewhat like a mirror in that they reflect light making the space brighter and makes the walls seem to recede.  It’s true, all white kitchens aren’t for everyone, to keep the kitchen from looking cold warm it up with contrasting color and textures and black appliances.  Shaker style cabinets and some crown molding makes the kitchen seem warmer and more inviting.

White Shaker cabinets makes appliance choice easy

Choosing an appliance finish can be tricky but for white Shaker style cabinets it couldn’t be easier because they all look great!  Black or slate grey appliances look sensational with white cabinets.  Consider stainless steel appliances for a stunning look with white cabinets.  Add a mosaic backsplash that contains stainless steel tiles for a sophisticated Contemporary style kitchen. Or white Shaker cabinets with nickel hardware and black stainless steel appliances.  You simply can’t go wrong with white Shaker!

Shaker cabinets are chameleon-like

White Shaker cabinets work with any style kitchen. They have a chameleon quality that makes them perfect for a Traditional style kitchen but also just right for a Contemporary or Cottage style.  They are a neutral style like white is a neutral color.

Shaker style is unpretentious

The Shaker style cabinets are simple and unpretentious which agrees with some of the most popular architectural styles popular in the U.S. today.  They are a natural with coastal, craftsman and bungalow, mid-century modern, Victorian, Colonial, and cape cod home styles.

White cabinets are easy to mix and match

Many kitchens today boast two cabinet colors. White is the perfect neutral to pair with other cabinet paint colors—especially of the accent color is dark.  To keep the kitchen bright and spacious looking pair white Shaker with light to medium grey.  To create dramatic contrast pair white Shaker cabinets with a black kitchen island.

Shaker style is hardware friendly

There is virtually no hardware finish or style that doesn’t look great on white Shaker cabinetry. From Contemporary chrome to rich bronze, modern to rustic, depending on the kitchen style, they all look perfect.

One of the main reasons white Shaker cabinets are one of the most loved styles in kitchen design today is simplicity. Simplicity is a welcome break—a breath of fresh air–in the chaotic world we live in.  Rather than a lack of complexity, white Shaker cabinetry only focuses on what is necessary. Rather than a profusion of elements demanding our attention in the kitchen, white Shaker brings out the very best in a kitchen by pairing it down to what is essential.  Like magnificent things often are, it’s very simple.

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