Why choose RTA Bathroom Cabinets

RTA Bathroom Cabinets

Save Up to 30%-50% Off

What are Atlanta RTA Bathroom Cabinets?

Have you been thinking of renovating your home but are not sure about the type of cabinets to go for? Are you weighing between RTA and custom cabinets? Both of these two options are great, but RTA Bathroom Cabinets have more benefits, especially for a bathroom makeover. At Woodstone cabinetry, we offer a variety of RTA cabinets all at factory-direct prices. Additionally, our stock cabinets will save you money, which alternatively, if used on cabinet that are pre-assembled in bulk, would have been much higher, not to mention that the materials of constructions are questionable. The affordability of RTA cabinets does not mean that you will be compromising on the quality of your cabinets. In fact, our RTA cabinets have been known as some of the most durable and sturdy cabinets in Atlanta.

RTA cabinets from Woodstone cabinetry bring a happy balance to the kitchen. All designs of RTA cabinets from our cabinetry are created in bulk and stored in our warehouses. This means that the price is much lower than that of custom made cabinets. In addition, our RTA Bathroom Cabinets offer a wide variety of customizable options that will allow you to feature different cabinet designs in your kitchen.

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Why Atlanta RTA Cabinets for Your Bathroom?

  • Availability and quick turnaround time

RTA bathroom cabinets from Woodstone cabinetry come in parts, so they do not take too much space when shipping. This will allow for an efficient warehouse stowing. We always have RTA bathroom cabinets in stock, ready for shipping immediately when ordered. This makes them highly sought-after, especially by Atlanta homeowners who need a quick turnaround time. Custom-built cabinets on the other hand, can keep you waiting for months, even when you need a few replacement parts.

  • Easy transportation and handling
RTA Bathroom Cabinets

RTA Bathroom Cabinets

Traditional custom cabinets will be fully assembled, and shipping them would require large, heavy boxes, which increases the risk of damages during transportation. RTA bathroom cabinets are also referred to as ‘flat-pack’ because, just as the term suggests, they will be packaged and shipped in flat boxes. This allows for more comfortable handling and cheaper freight charges. The other benefit of shipping RTA bathroom cabinets is that there is very little chance of damage when shipping your order. When loading your package in a truck or a trailer, we make sure to stack them in a way that will maximize the space. Unloading the lightweight and slim boxes will be easy and quick upon delivery.

  • Easy to assemble

Most Atlanta homeowners choose to leave the cabinets assembly in the hands of the cabinetry company or a skilled professional. For people on a tight budget, however, it is important to know that RTA bathroom cabinets are made with ease of assembly in mind. With the instructional videos provided in each package even people with very little knowledge in woodworks can easily assemble RTA bathroom cabinets. 

Where to Buy RTA Bathroom Cabinets in Atlanta?

At Woodstone Cabinetry, we offer the highest quality of RTA cabinets in Atlanta. We have a lot of cabinet’s options for you to choose from. All you need is to visit our showrooms, and you are guaranteed to find a style and design that will perfectly work for you. We also encourage you to compare the quality of our RTA cabinets to those of other custom cabinets.

With the current state of the economy, most Atlanta homeowners are choosing to upgrade and renovate their old homes other than buying a modern house. These upgrades will help you to increase the value of your home as well as create a comfortable living space for your family. Besides countertops, kitchen cabinets are the next most expensive parts of a kitchen. Going for RTA bathroom cabinets will not only save you money, but it will also satisfy your desire to feature beautiful cabinets in your home. Homeowners can take advantage of the cheap cost of RTA cabinets because they arrive unassembled. You would also have cut the cost of labor because you can easily assemble the cabinets yourself. We have differently designed cabinets in stock, ready for your order and shipping. We pack them in slim boxes so that the cost of shipping is minimal.

RTA Bathroom Cabinets

RTA Bathroom Cabinets

You have no reason to compromise on the quality of your bathroom cabinets. With Atlanta RTA Cabinets from Woodstone cabinetry, you are guaranteed of outstanding quality at a fraction of the price that you would have been charged buying custom cabinets. Our Atlanta Cabinets feature all-plywood boxes, soft-closing drawers and cabinet doors, among a series of other coveted characteristics. We also feature extra moldings, pull-outs trims, and other accessories, which will help you to create a custom look to rival what you see in semi-custom bathroom cabinets.



Our ready to assemble units will usually arrive after 2 business days minimum. If you’d prefer that your cabinets be assembled by the professionals at Woodstone Cabinetry, your cabinets will be shipped to you within 7-10 business days.

Yes! Standard shipping rates should be well… standard. We’ve streamlined the shipping rates for you, and designed a flat rate schedule. Rates are set according to your zip code in the United States, excepting Alaska and Hawaii.

Ready to Assemble (RTA) Cabinets

Cabinets that are ready to assemble will only be accepted for credit within two weeks after delivery. The recipient is responsible for shipping costs to get the products back to Woodstone Cabinetry. There will also be a 25% restocking fee added to all returns.

If you want to get credit or exchange, you need to get a Return Authorization number from us before shipping your return.

To get your return authorization number, email or phone us with

  • Your order confirmation number (found on the delivery manifest)
  • Why you need to return this item(s)
  • The specific SKU(s) of the items you plan to return (also found on the delivery manifest)

We will then give you a return authorization number along with shipping instructions.

Every item that we receive with a return authorization number must be returned in good condition and in its original packaging. When we receive your item, we will inspect it for damages. Give us 7 days to inspect your return. If everything checks out and the return is intact, credit (minus shipping costs and a 25% fee for restocking) will be applied to your account.

Assembled Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinets

The policies of the manufacturers that we receive our assembled cabinets from don’t allow us to accept any returns for cabinets which have been assembled for the kitchen or bathroom. Before ordering assembled cabinets, make absolutely sure that all pieces have the correct measurements. If, in the rare instance that your assembled unit(s) has/have been damaged during shipping, we will replace it ONLY with an identical item from our inventory.

We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, Paypal, and electronic checks.

Before an order is processed, full payment is required. Once the order has been processed, no changes can be made. Make sure that your measurements are correct before placing your order. If you cancel your order prior to it being picked, there will be a 10% processing fee. If you cancel after the order has been picked, it will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Rush orders are available, simply email us at Woodstone Cabinetry and tell us your situation.

RTA (Ready to Assemble) cabinets will be shipped to you within 2 business days of your order. If your cabinets need assembly, allow 7-10 business days.

All freight orders are individually packed in boxes, shrink wrapped, then placed on a pallet. 3-5 days is the standard shipping time, and you will receive a tracking number after the order has shipped. In the case of residential deliveries, the delivery company will give you a delivery window of between 3-4 hours the day before delivery. The shipping will include one delivery attempt, so please ensure that you are there to receive the shipment.

Woodstone Cabinetry believes in upholding and maintaining the privacy of all of our customers. To that end, we have placed SSL technology on our site as well as instituted other security measures. Your browser will be able to confirm this security for you, usually to the left of the URL bar. See your browser’s instructions for more details.

All orders must be paid in full through one of the accepted payment methods before it will be shipped.  You will receive an invoice via email once it is processed and a physical one at delivery.

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Got questions, want to know pricing, or need an estimate? Fill the form below and we will contact you shortly. Or call us now at (866) 665-6467 No Obligation and No Pressure. Guaranteed!
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