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How To Measure a Kitchen

07/22/2020 Wednesday 7:00 PM

All kitchen remodels projects start with the correct measurement. Any slight mistakes in measurements could result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra remodel costs. Denis will discuss the tips and mistakes to avoid during the measurement process. Also we will have half-hour Q/A to answer any of your kitchens remodel questions.

Denis Larion

Denis was born in Romania but lived most of his life in Atlanta. He’s been in the Kitchen and Bath industry for over 9 years. His passion for construction and design dates back to his childhood, in his native country where his grandfather was a successful builder and architect. He checks off nearly every box for what makes an excellent designer and project manager and has been a great asset to our team since the day he started. Outside of work Denis enjoys the outdoors and traveling with his family. He can find peace and happiness on either the beach or snowy mountains.

All About Cabinets Webinar Series 

Kitchen Remodel projects get you frustrated? Not sure how to pick the best contractors for your projects? Want to know if the current cabinet color are a fad or long lasting design?

Every month, our expert kitchen designers discuss latest kitchen design/remodel topics. We have a Q/A session that you can ask anything related to kitchen cabinets.


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Latest Kitchen Design Trend in 2020

07/08/2020 Wednesday 7:00 PM

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Samantha Cooper 

Samantha grew up in Memphis and moved to Atlanta in 2017. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Merchandising in 2014 and has loved putting her creative side to work in the Kitchen and Bath industry since. She is currently working her way to becoming a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer through the National Kitchen and Bath Association. She loves working with clients and making their renovation dreams a reality.

Justin Chapman 

Justin has lived in Georgia his whole life, including a background of both rural and urban interior experience. He has a bachelor’s degree from The University of Georgia  in Art & Design, as well as 5 years experience designing kitchens in the atlanta area. He has a love for design work and working with clients on making their kitchens as attractive and functional as possible. His attention to detail and specifics to a kitchen make him a great designer and salesman.

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